One parent video

Our Model

While we’re realistic about the challenges they face, we believe that with the right resources, single parent families and kids can thrive. We recognize the unique situation of each of our clients and are equally invested in the success of everyone we serve.

Ultimately, our vision is to help everyone we work with enjoy a better quality of life — a life that is more fulfilling in a personal, mental and spiritual sense.

Who we are

We are a passionate team of professionals who share the experience of growing up in a single parent family. We have found a way to overcome the obstacles that life threw at us and are now fully dedicated to helping families, children, and individuals who need it the most. 

Why One Parent

One Parent was founded because we know the trials and tribulations of being raised in a single parent family.  We’ve been through the hard times. We know what it’s like to go hungry simply because there was no money to buy groceries. That’s why One Parent thrives to help our community so that no child or parent has to go without food, clothing or a friend for support.

Taking the next steps

Our goal is not just to see single parent families get out of poverty, but to turn them into positive examples for others. The personal development component of our programming is crucial step that gives kids — and their parents — the confidence they need to lead an inspiring life.

Some of today’s most prominent actors, musicians, politicians and businesspeople were raised by single parents. We believe any of our clients could achieve the same level of success — all it takes is a little support and guidance.

How You Can Help

Your donation can change the lives of single parents and their children. However, the challenges a single parent experiences require ongoing support — if you’ve donated before, consider making another contribution.

Better yet, pledge to donate on a monthly basis. Even the smallest amount helps us reach more people, expand the scope of our work and, ultimately, build more happy, healthy families.