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We fill the gaps

While governments and nonprofits offer many forms of support, understanding and applying for these programs takes time and effort most single parents don’t have. We connect our clients with vital resources and on-the-ground assistance that helps them and their kids live better lives.

We’ve been there.

Our mission is, at its core, a highly personal one. Our leadership team comes from a single parent background — we know the challenges our clients face and the structural barriers that prevent them from taking advantage of the help that’s available.

If our work sounds ambitious, it’s because it is. Single parenting is a big challenge that requires big solutions. Our approach is holistic, but it’s also customizable. We’ll meet you where you are and recommend individualized ways to make positive, sustainable change in your life.

It all starts by reaching out to one of our intake workers. Apply Now to begin the process today.

We are currently assisting Ontario residents and hope to expand in the near future.

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