Life is unpredictable — pay it forward by supporting others in need.

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Many of our donors support One Parent because they were raised by single parents and have experienced the struggles and sacrifices it entails firsthand. Others recognize that life is precarious — no matter who you are or how successful you’ve been, there may come a day when you, too, must rely on the charity of others.

Helping parents and kids get back on their feet when they’re at their most vulnerable is a way of recognizing that bad situations can happen to anyone and that, if we support each other, we can all enjoy meaningful, dignified lives.

One Parent is making long-term change at the family level

We know there are many worthy causes out there that deserve your support. When you choose to donate to One Parent, you are helping families and kids overcome a difficult start to lead more impactful lives.

We believe a healthy family is the foundation of a happy life — your support creates meaningful change that you can watch grow and evolve over time, in the lives of everyone we work with.

We’re growing globally

Your donation prepares us to take the next steps in helping single parents around the world. Our problem-solving approach is rooted in serving individual needs, which makes us flexible enough to help single parents, whether they’re in downtown Toronto, the outskirts of Jakarta or anywhere in between.

If you’re ready to help a single parent family in need, sign up and pledge your support today. You can also read about our programs or check out our blog to learn more about our work.