Shoaib Khan

Shoaib Khan

Shoaib Khan is a Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist whose practical business skills help lead companies to success, and whose idealism has helped lift up communities in need across the globe.

In both business and philanthropy, Shoaib Khan offers a strategic vision. In the Canadian business world, the Toronto-based entrepreneur is known for his ability to incubate, launch and scale purpose-centric brands, companies and organizations. 

As CEO of Clearoute, he works as a strategic ally for a range of emerging and legacy companies, with consulting services that include branding, sales, finance, performance marketing and technology. Founded by Shoaib Khan in 1999, Clearoute has achieved an impressive record of helping companies add new dimensions of efficiency, direction and purpose to their operations, guiding them to higher levels of profitability.

His three decades of business experience include his role at M Worldwide Inc., where he personally managed a billion dollars in investments and ventures in real estate, media, marketing, technology, consumer goods and social enterprises. It also includes his strategic partnership with many major brands, such as Google, AOL, Dell, WB, Nestle, Unilever, Pepsi, Oxford Properties, Lennar, W Hotels, Tridel, Honda, General Motors, Audi, Bayer, Johnson & Johnson, Aeroplan, RBC, BMO, Ericsson, BlackBerry and Sprint.

In business and in philanthropy, Shoaib Khan works on a global scale. In 2016 he broadened his charitable efforts by founding Humaniti, the worldwide relief organization that has become a lifeline for people and communities in many developing nations. Humaniti provides the resources that are needed by populations to survive, and the skills that are required for individuals to thrive economically. The mission is guided by a devotion to advancing human rights and social justice.

According to Shoaib Khan, the charitable foundation is based on the idea that “humanity is the shareholder, the customer, and the beneficiary” of each charitable initiative. Its overarching goal, he explains, is to “etch a positive mark on the fabric of humanity.”

“Together, we will continue to strive for a world brimming with hope, love, and boundless possibilities,” he promised at Humaniti’s founding.

Humaniti works out in the field, delivering needed help in communities, in schools and in homes. It benefits from the operational efficiencies and practical business experience Shoaib Khan contributes to its work.

Humaniti builds upon the ideals that were also the foundation for The Good Group, a charitable foundation he established earlier in his career. The Good Group was focused on helping individuals create businesses, reach for their professional goals and achieve financial independence, through practical education.

For decades, empowerment has been the central goal of each Shoaib Khan charitable initiative. It is a very practical kind of empowerment — a sharing of skills, resources and educational support that allows people to become the stewards of their own destiny.